Digitalize Your Hotplate



– Digital set and display for temperature, stirrer speed, timer and Over temperature protection.

– Smart microprocessor design provides consistent performance of heating and stirring

– Reliably memorizing the last setting. User just presses start key, the unit will run according to the last setting. Very convenient for routine experiments.

– Advances safety features include:

   1. Adjustableover temperature setting from 10~50C for protecting liquid ( for HP240 only ).

   2. Safety circuit fixed at 520C

   3. Hot top warning light — For user’s safety, a warning light flash as soon as the temperature exceeds 70C. Even after the hotplate has been turned off, the light will continue to flash until the top has cooled enough to be safe to touch.

   4. Spill-proof design — When liquid spills out, the ditch will direct drain the liquid away from the unit.

   5. Medium Temperature Control — Directly control and display the liquid temperature on the panel, when with PT-100 Sensor.

   6. Digital Countdown timer and Audible Alarm — A digital timer will start to countdown when temperature reaches the setting value and the unit will shut down automatically with audible alarm when the time is complete. (HP240 only).

Technical Specification:

Display : 4 digit LED

Top Plate Style : Stainless Steel coated with enamel

Top Plate Size : 14.5 x 18 cm

If you need further more about Hotplate TODAYS, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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